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We at EKLUND INFRARED/Eklund Innovation Inc. have been an Ofil Representative providing DayCor� Corona Cameras since 2002.

At that time an easy to use practical camera for Corona Detection in full sunlight had just become available (the DayCor�II). Now the DayCor� Cameras can be found all around the globe.

The Superb� Camera is excellent to use for inspection of Overhead Lines and Substations on a regular basis! Our Ofil DayCor� 100% Solar-Blind Corona Cameras can easily see, find and pinpoint the location of a dangerous Corona Event.

Download our Rental Camera Specifications as a PDF Document

Missing or damaged corona rings and mistreated insulators can lead to a Corona and flash-over event!

Please watch the following video recordings of Electrical Corona on high voltage lines and insulators.

The lower clip shows the practical washing of contaminated high voltage insulators and bushings. Contaminated insulators can precipitate a flash-over with possible downed line or damaged insulator as result!:

Video showing monitoring of contaminated insulators being washed using the Ofil DayCor� Corona Camera!

Please contact us for more information and product literature.

See below. The DayCor� Corona Camera displaying a mishap Flashover event during Live washing of 500kV insulators

OFIL DayCor� UVc Corona Cameras specifications are certified by Testing Laboratories to be of the highest available sensitivity for detection of electrical Corona and partial discharge. The Ofil Solar Blind Filter makes the cameras 100% Solar-Blind even in full sun light conditions.

Hydrogen fires not visible in daylight are easily detected by DayCor� Superb� Solar-Blind UVc Cameras. Alcohol, Hydrogen and other invisible fires are easily detected in full daylight!

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